Apr 26, 2010


Greece has formally asked for the activation of an EU-IMF financial rescue package to help pull the debt-ridden economy out of its crisis. Max Keiser talks to Helen Skopis and Athens International Radio 104.4FM.

Apr 21, 2010


Trends forecaster Gerald Celente talks to Helen Skopis on Athens International Radio 104.4 FM about the Greek debt crisis.

Apr 8, 2010

Interview with Dr. Paul Holtom, Sipri Institute on Greece being the world's fifth largest buyer of weapons.

Greece is the world’s fifth largest buyer of weapons. But is that really necessary? Especially, as the country is currently facing the worst financial crisis in its recent history. Elinda Labropoulou on behalf of AIR 104.4 fm put that question to Dr. Paul Holtom from the Sipri Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

Interview with financial analyst Max Keiser