Dec 11, 2011

Fredrik Erixon 21.11.2011

Fredrik Erixon, director for the European Centre for International Political Economy spoke to journalist Helen Skopis and Athens International Radio 104.4

Gilles Thieffry 09.12.2011

Gilles Thieffry, a Partner at GTLaw, Geneva, has studied the legal consequences of the break-up of the European monetary union since 1998. To discuss what his research has shown, Helen Skopis spoke to Mr. Thieffry about his analysis of the "redomination risk" confronting markets.

Dec 8, 2011

Nigel Farage 07.12.2011

The EU summit tomorrow and Friday is being billed as one of the most crucial in the EU's history. Europe is desperate to avoid a re-run of the 2007-2008 credit crunch.
Helen Skopis and Athens International Radio spoke to Nigel Farage a member of European Parliament and the leader UK independence party.

Mark Mazower 17.11.2011

Mark Mazower is a historian and writer, specializing in modern Greece, 20th century Europe and international history. He is the director of the Center for International History at Columbia University and his articles and reviews on history and current affairs appear regularly in the Financial Times and The Guardian. 
Journalist and chief editor at the Athens International Radio, Athina Korlira, spoke to him about the current financial situation in Greece.