Apr 10, 2012

Creation Again 06.04.2012

 Government spokeman Pantelis Kapsis has said that the date that general elections will be held in Greece will be announced this week (during Orthodox Holy Week). As right now the prevailing sentiments among voters are anger and desire to punish, it is difficult to predict which way the elections will go. Right now, the pro-memorandum camp does not appear to be even sniffing at a victory, according to recent opinion polls. In contrast, it is the forces of protest that seem to be gaining momentum. 
 Currently there are at least thirteen political groups that will seek a pass into the Greek Parliament. One of these groups is called Creation Again. Helen Skopis (Athens International Radio) spoke to Agis Veroutis, one of the founding members of the party and began by asking him about the main positions of his party's election platform...

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