Apr 10, 2012

Movement of the Unemployed 04.03.2012

Although it is too early to make valid predictions about the outcome of the parliamentary elections expected to take place in Greece, the fragmentation of the political scene will most probably result in a coalition government. The outcome of the elections will have fundamental impact on the reform process in Greece and in a path-dependent manner will define the fate of the €130 billion EU/IMF financial assistance programme as well as the purposefulness of the debt-exchange programme set in motion in March this year.

In this view, the outcome of the elections in Greece will weigh heavily on the developments concerning Spain and Portugal as well as on the EU-level discourse surrounding these developments. Currently there are thirteen political groups that will seek a pass into the Greek Parliament. One of these groups is the Movement for the Unemployed.

To find out more about this movement, Helen Skopis (Athens International Radio) spoke to their spokesman Socrates Akritidis...

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